I was pleased that the person who chose to rebut my last letter praising the president for taking out two very dangerous terrorists was Don Iliff (Jan. 18). His leftist position is absurd, of course, and thus my touchstone to sanity and my commitment to the Constitution and the republic as founded, is intact.

Unfortunately, Don obviously supported president Obama’s pusillanimous foreign policy of allowing the Iranians to continue with their nuclear program which would have ended with them developing the bomb.

This whole notion of a foreign policy that believes leveling the international, economic and military playing field (including the return of frozen Iranian assets) leads to a safer more just world is ridiculous on its face. Iliff positively mentions President Macron of France. Look at France and Macron’s leftist policies, like those in many U.S. cities, have made it a dumpster (or is it cathedral?) fire.

It is all pie-in-the-sky “kumbaya” because these policies ignore the reality of human nature, both good and (especially) bad — as all leftist philosophy and policy does. It further ignores American exceptionalism implemented by the Enlightenment-based Declaration of Independence and Constitution, especially the Bill of Rights and inherent due process of law.

Michael Janton



Trump is a champion for individuals and nations being free to be all they can be without fear of government interference.

It is profoundly ironic to me that President Trump’s “Make America Great Again” slogan is under attack by other Americans.

Our armed forces were depleted. High unemployment was devastating to many — especially people of color. Many American companies had moved overseas because of high taxes.

Christians’ religious rights were being challenged and even denied, even to people like Catholic nuns. Christian chaplains in the armed services were being pressured to not to speak the name of Jesus so as not to make other religions feel uncomfortable. Bible distribution was curtailed by the Obama administration in government facilities. Obama’s switch from traditional marriage to anything goes has no scientific basis and confusion was reigning. China was eating our breakfast and lunch. Obama’s passive “red lines” were ignored because the enemy sensed a politician’s weakness of purpose.

Enter businessman Donald Trump, a stranger to politics as usual.

Trump was sick of our nation trying to buy friends with millions of taxpayer dollars. Corrupt leaders took the money for personal aggrandizement. He took China’s thievery of our intellectual property as a bully’s insults. He saw America’s prosperity being characterized as a reason to feel guilty and foolish. Our armed forces are being rebuilt as a warning to enemies.

Businessman Trump’s policies have brought back American companies. Business is thriving. Unemployment is at all-time lows. Wages for middle class citizens are up. China is not only challenged but a trade agreement has happened. Trump’s red lines mean something and our enemies seem to know it. Religious rights are now allowing more freedom to students in our schools.

Trump is a champion for individuals and nations being free to be all they can be without fear of government interference. Trump’s view is a Biblical one. Let’s bring it home.

On a personal level, I have a responsibility to care for my family before any other family. It’s a Biblical mandate. “But if anyone does not provide for his own, and especially for those of his household, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.” “” I Timothy 5:8

Wayne Baldridge



I am writing to ask Hancock County Republicans to vote for Michael Heldman for Sheriff of Hancock County in the upcoming primary election on March 17.

I have known Mike Heldman for almost 30 years and know him to be a professional and caring law enforcement official who goes out of his way to keep area residents safe and secure. He also takes excellent care of those who serve under him by ensuring they have access to the services and support that they need, especially in times of stress.

Working with Mike in a variety of emergency settings, most involving behavioral health emergencies, I know him to be a caring and compassionate professional who tries his best to do what is right for the individuals involved while also ensuring the safety and security of the entire community.

Mike is always ready to accept phone calls and steps forward when his services are needed. He is a good listener and is always looking for better ways to improve the services in our community. He is well connected to other professionals in our community and around the state and is able to bring state-of-the-art services to our area.

If you plan to vote in the Republican primary, please vote for Mike Heldman for Sheriff and help keep our county safe and secure.

Nancy J. Stephani