Just wanted to comment regarding a recent full column and a half of “Public Record” that was primarily calls for suspicious activity.


The Courier has a history of listing every ridiculous call to the local police. How about listing actual crimes (including felonies)?

It is an insult to Courier readers (as well as local law enforcement) to minimize the crime in Findlay, which is usually denied by local government (and local marketers).

Ask the prosecutor’s office about how its work has tripled in the last few years.

Elaine Waldman



On the same day The Courier has a front-page article on “fake news” (Jan. 24), it prints a letter to the editor full of it. Ms. Maazaoui’s letter was so full of misinformation on all levels of inaccuracy.

She refers to France as a wonderful place … that has been in the longest national strike since 1968. It appears that France’s socialist workers don’t want their pension benefits cut. Mass transit is at a standstill. Demonstrations in the streets are violent at times.

Why would this “wonderful place” be cutting benefits? France’s economy is a “dumpster fire.” On July 4, 2019, France offered a 10-year bond at a negative interest rate: In other words, if I invested in this bond I would have to pay France for the privilege of owning the country’s sovereign debt.

Choose socialism and you pay for the privilege of income equality.

On the “killing of a U.S. journalist”: Jamal Khashoggi was not a U.S. journalist. Khashoggi was a Saudi national in exile since 2017 and worked for the Washington Post.

Khashoggi left exile to travel to Turkey to receive permission to marry his fiancée — his choice. Khashoggi’s views on the Saudi royal family were relevant, and I would have thought his colleagues at the Washington Post would have given him counsel against the trip.

Again, his choice.

Craig Nichols