It’s getting harder and harder to keep up. So let’s see: First, there was the fake FISA court (Steele) dossier to get President Trump’s campaign manager, Carter Page, spied on. Then there was the whole Russian collusion debacle culminating in the Special Counsel Mueller investigation. And now, for the last several months, the articles of impeachment!

So President Trump has been acquitted on both counts, mostly along strict party lines. The exception being, of course, RINO Mitt Romney, who voted “yea” on count 1 and “nay” on count 2.

What a waste of time. Did you know they needed two thirds to pass it? They were never going to get that.

I believe the Democrats’ plan was to cast enough trash on Trump to sway independent voters. I also believe people will see right through it.

Perhaps now the House can finally get some work done for the people and let us handle the question of whether President Trump should remain president at the ballot box, as the founders intended.

Dave Malone



Since the moment Tim Saltzman started as a full-time employee at Arcadia Local Schools, he has made a positive impact on our school district. While playing dual roles as director of safety and security and athletic director, he has made positive changes that were needed in this school district and the athletic department. As a teacher, I feel that I have become more aware of situations just from new training I’ve received, but also from just learning from Tim in general.

In my opinion, one of Saltzman’s greatest traits is his perspective in various situations. I have been able to observe this as both a math teacher and as an assistant athletic director. Tim always looks at situations from every possible angle and makes the best decision with that perspective. I have truly learned from him in that aspect alone, and I feel that he has played a mentor in my career because of it.

Tim brings many more traits than his perspective, and those traits have made a lasting impact on Arcadia in his short time here. There is no doubt he would do the same thing as Hancock County’s Sheriff.

I proudly support Tim Saltzman!

Taylor Barr

New Riegel


Hancock County has not seen a sheriff’s election like this in decades. The need for change, positive energy and progression in our county is needed now more than ever. We have three individuals on the ballot, and I have spent some time researching all three.

The first is the incumbent who, even though he has done the job, has never really been challenged by anyone in six terms. He has been able to stay in his position without raising many questions as to how he performs his job.

The second candidate, Tim Saltzman, has 20 years’ law enforcement experience and brings new ideas and positive energy with him. The third candidate, Verl Warnimont, is a local business owner that seems to have a lot of money to use on marketing his name.

I had the privilege of personally meeting Tim Saltzman. He stopped by my home on one of the coldest days we had this winter to introduce himself. We spoke for awhile and I asked him several questions. I was very impressed with his ideas, his demeanor, his firm handshake and overall him as an individual.

He is very well spoken, and it’s evident he is passionate about his desire for change. As a previous educator myself, his school initiatives set him apart from the other two candidates. His ideas for cost-cutting measures make good financial sense for all taxpayers. His desire to work with all agencies is something that is desperately needed. His desire to serve the local community will benefit Hancock County greatly.

Change is coming, no matter what. As county voters, we need to stand up and vote this March for the best person to lead this county as our sheriff. We are the decision makers, and we have the right and duty to vote in this very important election.

If you have not had the chance to meet Tim Saltzman, reach out to him. Saltzman is the best candidate in my opinion. My vote is for Tim Saltzman on March 17, 2020.

Ron Johnson



The deep state is composed of permanent bureaucracies at the highest levels who control the levers of power and have the ability to damage you. These people transcend elections and are top cabinet officials like the IRS, NSA, FBI, CIA, etc. They are unelected and revolve back and forth from the State Department to the Council on Foreign Relations to the Treasury Department, the CIA, etc.

They think because they are highly credentialed that what they say and think is the authority due to their Ivy League “alphabet soup” degrees and their family generations that have served before. These people have contempt for elected officials because they think they are buffoons from private enterprise, the Rotary, etc., who they then have to school in international order or rules-based order.

One personal example of the deep state started with the tea party movement. Beginning at the end of the Bush years, some of us realized that no matter who we elected, we kept getting the same old results. When the Findlay tea party organized and tried to get 503c status during the Obama years, the IRS was happy to take our money and give us absolutely nothing for it. The Fremont tea party was told to send in book reports of the books they were reading. They sent them the books and told them to read them themselves. These were books about the U.S. Constitution, about how our forefathers had the foresight to set up the new country as a republic. There is still a continuing lawsuit to get our money returned (which we know will never happen, nor will we get our requested status).

Not much of this ever made the news or was even on the back page. Yes, there is a deep state to keep the people silenced into submission.

In Findlay, and in every city, a deep state exists for those who really hold the levers of power. It does not matter what the people want or say because the deep state knows better what we want now and in the future.

Linda Bishop