As the sheriff of Wood County, I have the privilege to work with Sheriff Mike Heldman on many occasions. Not only is he a former president of the Buckeye State Sheriff’s Association, Sheriff Heldman continues to be involved on the state level with several committees and chairs the corrections committee. When I was a new sheriff, I frequently turned to Sheriff Heldman for advice and direction, and I continue to reach out to him.

Sheriff Heldman is the go-to person regarding jail policies and procedures. My jail administrator reaches out to his jail administrator to get answers to questions we may have about jail operations.

Both Hancock and Wood counties have special response teams for critical situations like barricaded subjects, hostages, drug houses, meth labs, known dangerous fugitives, etc. Our teams train together monthly, using best practices. By training together, our respective members know and trust each other. We also call out each other’s teams to assist one another, especially when a larger number of team members are needed. This is to the benefit of both counties, as it saves us from having to train and equip a larger number of deputies individually.

Our road deputies work together very well on a regular basis to serve the citizens of our counties as issues occur in your northern end and my southern end. This great working relationship benefits both of our counties.

I am very blessed to have a highly respected, knowledgeable sheriff next door! The citizens of Hancock County are fortunate to have Sheriff Heldman. Please vote to reelect Mike Heldman for sheriff on March 17.

Mark Wasylyshyn

Wood County sheriff


To the voters of Hancock County,

My name is Ned Sponsler, and I have been a Spanish teacher at Arcadia Local Schools for the past 24 years. I am also currently the golf coach.

I have had the pleasure of working with Tim Saltzman for the past two years in our school. Tim was hired as our safety and security adviser and co-athletic director.

I am very pleased with Tim’s job performance. He is very organized and hands on when it comes to protecting our students. My son is a student at Arcadia and has commented to me several times that he feels safer having Tim in the building. Tim has always been proactive when it comes to solving potential security risks in the building. When Tim notices a potential problem with our school security, he consults with the staff members to get their input. Before making a decision, he uses his prior experience as a deputy sheriff along with the staff’s input. After a decision has been made to implement a new safety policy, Tim has had group discussions with the staff to help educate everyone as to why the new policy is necessary.

This openness has helped our staff appreciate the change, even if the change will cause minor inconveniences to some staff members. Tim has taken the same approach to athletic-related issues in our school, which has helped me with my own coaching responsibilities.

Another great quality Tim possesses is his ability to interact with the students and make them feel comfortable and safe with his presence in our building.

I would hate to lose Tim as our security adviser, but I know he would work hard to protect and serve the citizens of Hancock County.

Ned Sponsler

North Baltimore


I would like to commend the Findlay Street Department for the snow removal on our streets. I think that they do an outstanding job of keeping our streets safe to drive.

I tip my hat to all who work in doing this job.

Jerry Duke