I would like to thank Gary Ellerbrock (March 16) for complimenting me when calling me a “saint.” However, I’m not a saint. I was repeating the experts in the medical field as documented in Politico.

The saints are President Obama and Nancy Pelosi, who saved the economy by passing the fiscal stimulus and putting the economy back on a path to recovery. It has now fallen to “saints” Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer to bail us out of this disaster. Even that may be impossible because Trump, his administration and Republicans in Congress are clueless about what to do about the coronavirus pandemic.

Dave Malone is attacking me (March 18) for quoting public knowledge found from many sources, including experts in the field of pandemics — including Politico. Trump loves the poorly educated.

There is a doctrine in the United States copyright law called “Fair Use,” which allows people to use your content without your permission. Fair Use is now widely accepted in most countries around the world. It allows the limited use of copyrighted material without requiring permission from the copyright owner (https://www.dmca.com/faq/Fair-Use?ad=xtkdndynad1&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI3qK65bGk6AIV-__jBx2O0AwrEAAYAiAAEgKZ3_D_BwE ).

Trump can’t be honest. The markets keep falling because Trump’s dishonest words and actions are making investors nervous. Over two months ago, Trump called the coronavirus a hoax. After two months of Trump trying to tweet and con his way out of the pandemic, he finally decided to call it an emergency.

Trump is his own worst enemy. He wants to calm the markets, but because he acts like a carnival barker, he can’t be honest.

Don Iliff



A Findlay city crew removed several trees from our neighbor’s yard between the street and their sidewalk.

I want to congratulate this fine team of city employees for the efficient job they did. Their cleanup efforts were impressive. Accolades to this group of super public servants for their thorough work.

Mike Foster