The local health system, Blanchard Valley Health System, should be commended for its preparedness to deal with any possible outbreak of the disease. Gladly, it is not treating the pandemic as a hoax.

A senior citizen, who went to a medical facility for a procedure, was told by a health care provider that the pandemic is a hoax. The neighbor who went there has underlying health issues, and such people should be given correct information, for they belong to a physically vulnerable segment of the population.

It is perturbing that there are people, including a local educator, espousing and promoting the pandemic as a hoax. No one has ever died of a hoax, but this virus has already killed many. The death toll in Italy rose to over 3,405 today. In times of such global health emergencies, no one should manufacture and advance fictitious stories. It is unethical.

This is a nation that leads the world in science and technology. Science must not be stifled. History teaches us that there have been instances in which science was silenced. This has happened in both secular and sacred realms of human life. Such stifling arose from the root of certain cherished, preconceived ideological notions that they refused to submit to test.

There were times in which scientists, whose spectacular achievements we celebrate today, were either imprisoned or ejected from their jobs. In the case of Galileo, it was not only uninformed priests and narrow-minded theologians, but even the pope himself had no difficulty in pronouncing a doctrinal decision on a purely scientific matter that had never contradicted the Scriptures. Gladly, those days are over, and errors are corrected.

A major concern of the present time is the question of the freedom of science. Science, like any other field of knowledge, is a divine gift to humanity. Its ultimate source is God. Those who attempt to stifle the fruits of science are hurting the welfare of humanity. It is prudent to maintain its legitimate sovereignty. To refuse to do so is to resort to irrationality in an age of reason.

Joe Thomas



I will be brief “” no politics, no comments about other letter writers and no lectures about COVID-19.

I only wish the suggest doing two things at once, for good ends.

Hospital capacities are expected to be challenged soon. There has been talk about what to do. There are very large cruise ships sitting idle, their owners and employees feeling the pain. Where feasible, they could be used for treatment, quarantine, etc. and the companies compensated while (maybe) the employees can stay employed.

Judi Perry

Mount Cory


Recently, Chuck Schumer displayed a tirade condemning two chief justices and Donald Trump for their efforts to deal with the abortion issue in our country. The Bible clearly condemns abortion. God created us. He sustains us, so his claim to control our birth and our life span is justified. Mr. Schumer apparently knows nothing about this or he doesn’t believe in the principles of morality that were woven into the fabric of our society by our founding fathers.

The thought comes to me that people who run for a government office should be required to take an American history course. It should be taught from a Christian perspective. It is no coincidence that the growing problems that we are experiencing in America are matched by the increasing immoral values and sinful practices that our society has and tolerates.

It is well documented that when the guidelines of Scripture were structured in our culture, America produced an image that pleased God and that we became a testimony of integrity to the world. “Blessed is the nation whose God is The Lord.”

How else could it be explained that from very meager beginnings and with great obstacles we became a free, strong and prosperous nation — the strongest in the world.

God is not mocked. What a man sows, he shall also reap. The United States is not mentioned as a nation among nations identified in Bible prophesy regarding end times. Eliminating abortion rights would be a great start toward again restoring our country’s Christian character and by divine providence resolving our problems. “It is better to obey God than men.”

Tom Lawrence