On the front page of the Courier (March 20), surrounding areas — like Bluffton — were lamenting the fact that Bluffton Hospital, in terms of a possible COVID-19 pandemic, only had 25 hospital beds. My question for the Bluffton community is how many beds are there in the residence halls at Bluffton University? Are the dorms empty? How many stored supplies at the university could help the general population of Bluffton? The logistics would be up to the university and hospital to work out.

Do trauma cases stay at the hospital and COVID-19 cases go to the university or vice versa? Can the state help with the logistics?

I am using Bluffton as an example, but this would also apply to any small college community like Findlay’s Blanchard Valley Health Systems and the University of Findlay.

Communities in the Midwest are going to have to pool resources as the largest concentrations of COVID-19 are on the East and West coasts at this time. This means all necessary medical supplies will be diverted there for now.

Small community universities and colleges have limited resources monetarily, but they do have available space. And thinking out of the box may help a community survive this pandemic.

Craig Nichols



I’ve watched the coronavirus precautions, and I applaud all that is being done by so many. As this is being written, there are approximately 25,000 confirmed cases nationwide with 291 deaths. In Ohio, we have 247 confirmed cases and 3 deaths.

Technology is advancing. A San Francisco firm has a home coronavirus test kit that retails for $181. Chloroquine, an anti-malaria drug, has shown promise in treating infected and vulnerable patients. And this drug was available when I was a pharmacist –over five decades ago.

Essential industries are still functioning, and many are adding staff to meet increasing demands. The food and medical supply industries are an example.

Perhaps the time has come to rethink the nearly complete shutdown of our economy. One way to do this is to adopt a 50 plan, a restaurant licensed to serve 100 would be limited to 50 patrons. Social distancing could be preserved. Bars could have the same requirements.

Sick employees would be given paid sick leave and required to stay home. Changes in federal law would cover the expense.

If this is successful, large- and medium-sized industry could respond in a like manner — operate at 50% capacity.

Trillions of dollars in federal bailout funds could be saved. Our future citizens would not have to pay for all of today’s problems.

Perhaps this shoe would not fit highly contagious states like Washington, California and New York, but it would certainly do much if Ohio led the way. Let’s deem small business an essential industry because it is.

William E. Ruse



Dave Malone (3/21) needs to thump his chest to prove intelligence and apparently God kills kittens if you copy and paste. Wow! Don Iliff explained why Trump is blamed for the “roller coaster ride of the markets” and how Trump referred to COVID-19 as “their new hoax.”

Most of those not living under a rock know that Trump has bumbled his way through this pandemic since January. He was first warned in December by U.S. officials of the threat from China, to which he responded in January that all was well and not to worry.

In February at a South Carolina rally, he figured restricting travel to China had nipped it in the bud. When the stock market tanked in March, Trump had to face the music and admit COVID-19 was “very bad.”

Fortunately we have Dr. Fauci, an expert scientist, who has been able to correct most of Trump’s lies — most recently when Trump said certain malaria drugs would help — when there has been no testing to see if the drugs work for COVID-19. Donny is desperate when everything he says or does turns to mush.

Nobody can trust him, and we just wait until he’s done blabbing to hear Dr. Fauci correct him afterwards. Donny’s bragging about the economy (inherited from Obama) has gone down the drain. All gains during his tenure have been eviscerated so he’s in real panic mode! And Trump’s worst mistake was when he eliminated the Global Health Security unit and demoted its pandemic experts. This error is one reason why there’s a shortage of gowns, masks, ventilators, etc.

Governors have had to pony up and do what’s right for their own states since Donny refuses to take responsibility. He rated himself a 10 out of 10 when asked how he was handling the pandemic! He just deflects and calls it the “China virus.” Even Fox News has had to backpedal their lies.

Such incompetence the world has never seen!!

Salena Maazaoui