Good job on your letter, Tom Murphy (March 21). He says it is faith in ourselves and others that gets us through the tough times. He is correct. No one gets ahead without faith. It’s called self-confidence. It is the opposite of fear.

If we can look ahead for a moment, we will see ourselves coming out the other side of this virus crisis. The pandemic will be gone, but some serious problems will remain. The national difficulties we face will still be staring us in the face: a growing homeless population, health care, education, illegal immigration and government overspending, to name a few. We will need unshakable faith in ourselves to take on these troubles.

America’s virus response is showing the world how we can pull together under a system of self-government. This is our strength. It lies in our people, not our government. Our self-reliance will see us through the virus, and our people, not the government, will ultimately solve the management problems as well. I am encouraged as we watch President Trump engage the private sector in fighting this virus. Let’s hope this starts a trend. We can all live without an endless string of expensive and failing government programs paid for with money we don’t have.

We must have confidence in ourselves and make ourselves heard in the halls of government. The medical community is having an impact on both state and federal policy today. After the virus, the rest of us must be heard on the issue of out of control national management. The wild and destructive spending, shadow government and socialist plans for redistribution at the federal level will never sunset without positive action from the states.

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Tom Quarrie



To the person that wrote a letter about how our president bumbles things up (March 24): I am sorry you have a problem with a man that speaks the truth. Why would he want to scare the nation in December when there were very few cases? You don’t see us go crazy about how the flu kills people every year, but my guess is that’s Trump’s fault even though he wasn’t in the office.

This world has so many negative people like you that go after President Trump. Maybe concern yourself about your everyday living and stop finding fault in everything he does. He speaks the truth and, if some people can’t take the truth, that’s their own problem. The Democrats have their feelings hurt because he stands for what he believes in. Let him do his job and you do yours.

Signed, a fan of President Trump!

Angela Sullivan



Come November, remember that Democrats Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi were the ones who had to play politics and held up your $1,200 bailout checks.

Remember when you vote.

Jim Goralske