There is a nagging question about this whole situation with the coronavirus: If people had been allowed to just use common sense about avoiding sick people and staying away from others if they themselves were ill without government interference, would the outcome have been any different?

The governor and others have made the claim, “What we are doing is working.” That may be true, but we have all seen the common flu run its course and then be done for the season. How can anyone be certain that the same thing has not been happening with the coronavirus?

In the meantime, many people’s lives have been turned upside down, perhaps needlessly. We have heard of suicides being committed by people who have become desperate because of what has been required of them.

What has happened to our freedom to make our own decisions? We are constantly being bombarded with the phrase, “We are in this together.” The problem is that we are in this apart. We were not created to be separated.

Only God knows the answer to my initial question. All we have are our individual opinions. Trusting Him is the only way out.

Carla Morse