Kudos to the Findlay-Hancock County Public Library!

The library reopened this week for curbside pick-up. True to clear and concise instructions, it was so easy (and so safe) to access materials. I called, ordered my books, was given a pickup time, arrived, called for the books and they were delivered (in a bag to a bin, separate from other orders).

Online access has been and continues to be appreciated, but obtaining “real” books was a much-needed boost! My thanks to the library staff who are working to provide this service in a safe and timely fashion.

Ginny Lee Pilstl



When I first read the May 15 Courier headline, “Why not adopt a senior”¦,” I thought how wonderful it was that we were going to recognize all of our seniors in assisted living and nursing homes, all locked in during these pandemic times. I was thinking that the article may be about all of the valuable members of our community who helped shape and form our lives and all of the special memories that they are missing out on due to the coronavirus.

Imagine not experiencing real hugs on Mother’s Day or receiving a single visit in all of these days of distancing. Imagine, perhaps, of not having the ability of social media connections and smartphones to help pass your time. Imagine living in potentially your final place in life, only to be dropped off a tray of food at your door by a masked (if available) angel, as your only touch of human companionship for the day.

Perhaps we could “adopt” these seniors who are missing out on all of these special memories that they helped form. Imagine 200 responses for these important members of our community!

In the same issue of The Courier, Mayor Muryn writes on the Viewpoint page of responsibility, sacrifice and unity as we get through these trying times. These seniors are the members in society whom I think of as I read her words. They truly have given up so much to keep themselves and others safe and healthy. Her words,”Take responsibility for yourself and recognize that your actions have an impact on those around you,” were awesome and inspirational.

Let’s teach our graduating seniors about these sacrifices: job losses, economic upheaval, illness and death that so many members in our country are going through right now. Altruistic values are needed to better our society as we try to move forward from this very hard spring.

Here’s to all seniors!

Cathy Weygandt