From the public records of the Findlay Police Department and the Hancock County Sheriff’s Office:

Police Department

An adult male was arrested in the 600 block of East Sandusky Street on Friday because he was under 21 and consuming alcohol.
Charges of possessing drug abuse instruments were requested Thursday for a female who overdosed in the 600 block of Central Avenue. The woman received CPR and Narcan.
Domestic violence incidents occurred in the 700 block of Longmeadow Lane and the 600 block of Cherry Street on Thursday.
Juveniles were arrested for damaging vehicles in the 400 block of North Cory Street on Thursday.
A runaway juvenile was found Thursday at 731 W. Trenton Ave., and was incarcerated at the Wood County Juvenile Detention Center.

Sheriff’s Office

Hancock County sheriff’s deputies assisted Ada police in locating a domestic violence suspect in the 21000 block of Orange Township Road 56. The suspect was taken into custody without incident.

Anyone with information about a crime can call Findlay/Hancock County Crimestoppers between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. weekdays at 419-425-TIPS, or visit
Callers may remain anonymous.


From the public records of the Hancock County Auditor’s Office. No money changes hands in some real estate transfers between family members, in some bank repossessions, and in some other transfers.

Real Estate Transfers

Samuel and Kristina Vanatta to Tammy Jordan, 1416 Amelia Ave., Findlay, $129,000.
Peter Ho to Shawn and Corinne Scasny, Lots 30-31, Longmeadow Lane, Findlay, $25,000.
Country Club Acres to Jeffrey and Kellie Perrin, Lot 147, Diamondback Court, Findlay, $70,000.
Helen Davis to Debra Dietelbach, 1400 Tiffin Ave., Findlay.
Lora Rettig to Roger and Nancy Best, 468 Mountain Ash St., Arlington, $136,755.
Kris and Danielle Reiter to Reiter Holdings LLC, 608 Palm Drive, Findlay,
Ilda and Kurt Larue to Constance Zamudio, 1405 Bernard Ave., Findlay, $85,000.
Leo Smith to Larry Smith and Nancy Pieprzak, 21.7 acres, Ohio 613, North Baltimore.
Linda Hite to Leah Serrano, Apt. U-12, 2101 Stonehedge Court, Findlay.
Landon Fleegle to Martha Gonzalez, 235 E. Pearl St., Findlay, $137,900.
Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Raymond Rice, 1100 Sixth St., Findlay.
Keith and Veronica Losey to Landon Fleegle, 517 Flintlock Court, Findlay, $198,500.
Emily Langstaff to Kyle Sammet, 643 Center St., Findlay, $88,600.
David and Shirley Gerber to Frances Langstaff, 1235 Glen Meadow Drive, Findlay, $155,000.
Sandy Wampler to Duane Niese, Lots 5-6, Township Road 204, Findlay, $55,000.
Jason Stechschulte to Jason and Megan Stechschulte, 2100 Eagle Hill Court, Findlay.
Richard J. Defend LLC and Richard Defend to Paul Martinez and Calvin Cox, 514 N. Main St., Findlay, $150,000.
Certified Real Estate to Therese Crissman, 202 Midland Ave., Findlay, $75,000.
Martha Gallagher to Stephen and Sylvia Gray, 738 Crystal Ave., Findlay, $128,000.
Obadiah and Erin Roszman to Clara Light, 318 Baldwin Ave., Findlay, $154,000.
Country Club Acres to Niclas Persson, Lot 144, Diamondback Court, Findlay, $67,000.
Deven, Brian, Rodney, Lesslie, Linda and Julie Reigle to Megan Lauck, 226 Earl St., Arlington, $115,000.
Maurice Poland to Anita Almaguer, 942 Stall Drive, Findlay, $137,500.
Anthony and Megan Lauck to Lindsay Caudill, 407 Colorado Ave., Findlay, $196,000.
Dwight Miller to Anna Ellis, U6-A, 2322 Villa West Drive, Findlay, $160,000.
Lorraine Cuthrell to Matthew Huffman, 409 Independence Ave., Fostoria, $3,000.
Cornerstone Builders to CT Rentals LLC, 314 W. Hardin St., Findlay, $275,000.
Charles and Judy Haas Jr. to Chantel Meyer, 620 Carnahan Ave., Findlay, $55,000.
Adam and Ginger Zambrano to Jeremy and Courtney Scheiderer, 13090 Eagle Township 67, Findlay, $225,000.
Jeremy and Courtney Scheiderer to Madison Grant, 2912 Northgate Blvd., Findlay, $153,500.
Christopher Hicks to Kenneth Beasley, 14939 Hancock County 26, Findlay, $43,200.
Bank of America to Federal National Mortgage Association, 707 W. Park Drive, Fostoria.
Bradley and Charissa Martin to Terry and Rebecca Whitaker, 1680 Deer Creek Drive, Findlay, $420,450.
Rebecca Babb and Anthony Lawson to Hancock County commissioners, 438 Clinton Court, Findlay.
Paula Lombardy to Michaelene Brigham, U-33, 1314 Oxford Lane, Fostoria, $108,900.
Donna Smith to Michael Smith, Karen Brandeberry, Deborah Hartman, 19845 Ohio 613, Fostoria.
Sharon Flugga to Floyd Flugga, 728 College St., Findlay.
Cole Karrick to Hancock County commissioners, 107 Shinkle St., Findlay.
Danny and Amber Flugga to Theresa Caudill, 300 W. North St., Vanlue, $27,500.
April Stahl, Rodney Burris, Carol S. Burris Trust to Leonard and Sally Burris, 1355 Countryside Drive, Findlay, $133,000.
Michael and Shelley West to Jonathan Karhoff, 11076 Blanchard Township 125, Findlay, $145,000.

Fire Calls

From the public records of the Findlay Fire Department:


4:30 p.m., 3136 Crosshill Drive, emergency medical service call.
8:37 p.m., 206 Broadway, emergency medical service call.
10:04 p.m., 2911 N. Main St., emergency medical service call.


12:36 p.m., 1000 E. Main Cross St., emergency medical service call.
1:26 p.m., 119 E. Sandusky St., alarm sounded, no fire.
1:46 p.m., 330 E. Foulke Ave., unauthorized burning.