From the public records of the Findlay Police Department and the Hancock County Sheriff’s Office:

Police Department

Charges were filed after a domestic dispute was reported in the 800 block of Morse Street on Wednesday.

A credit card theft was reported Wednesday at 806 N. Main St.

Two juveniles were out after curfew Wednesday on Bolton Street.

An assault was reported Wednesday in the 2000 block of Ivy Court. No charges were filed.

Criminal damaging was reported Wednesday at 308 W. Trenton Ave.

Damaged property was reported Wednesday at 814 Morse St.

A domestic dispute was noted Thursday on East Sandusky Street.

A theft was reported Thursday at 233 Crystal Ave.

A driver was given a noise citation Friday after blasting music that could be heard more than 50 feet away on North Main Street.

A Toledo man suspected of possessing drugs was arrested Friday in the 800 block of West Trenton Avenue.

A domestic dispute was reported Friday on Second Street.

Sheriff’s Office

Fraudulent transactions on a credit card were reported Monday by a Glenmar Parkway resident.

A mailbox was damaged at 17024 Ohio 12 in Cass Township on Thursday.

A man made suicide threats on West Bigelow Avenue on Wednesday. He was taken to Blanchard Valley Hospital.

An attempted break-in at 122 S. Main St., Arlington, was reported Tuesday.


From the public records of the Hancock County Auditor’s Office. No money changes hands in some real estate transfers between family members, in some bank repossessions, and in some other transfers.

Real Estate Transfers

Benito Molina to Housing Rentals LCC, 412 E. Pearl St., Findlay, $36,000.

Sharon Clymer to Thomas Clymer, 6480 Liberty Township 83, Findlay.

James and Betsy Robertson to Patricia James, 330 Glendale Ave., Findlay, $189,000.

Blaine and Britney Keiser to Zachary and Danika Romick, 7752 Hancock County 304, Forest, $154,000.

Scott and Christine Keller to Kyle and Amanda Schimmoeller, 1600 Cypress Lake, Findlay, $455,000.

James and Heather Petersen to Michael Miarer and Angela Stewart, 1021 Tarra Oaks Drive, Findlay, $280,000.

Thomas and Eleanor Oller to Andrew and Devin Chiow, 9560 Liberty Township 128, Findlay, $105,000.

Jana Erner, Martin Hanawalt, Jana Doone to Brian and Tiffany Cox, 1611 Pinehurst Drive, Findlay, $345,000.

Robert and Adrienne Warren to Alexander Schroeder, 637 Winfield Ave., Findlay, $115,000.

Jared and Danielle Greene to Robert and Adrienne Warren, 2048 Imperial Lane, Findlay, $228,500.

Thomas and Chryssa Hudson to Ann Smith, 110 19th St., Findlay, $101,500.

David and Lisa Oman to Patricia Wilson, 239 Earl St., Arlington, $132,000.

Gregory Koester, Nancy O’Neal to David Climer III, 1208 Washington Ave., Findlay, $113,900.

Daniel and Sheri Barnes to Allison Zorn, 500 W. Yates Ave., Findlay, $146,500.

Anthony and Stacy Settlemire to Colton and Elizabeth Clark, 302 Rector Ave., Findlay, $121,000.

Donald and Patricia Hindenach to Jared and Danielle Greene, 707 Red Fox Road, Findlay, $225,000.

Bengage Properties and Douglas Chambers to Douglas and Sherri Chambers, 920 Harmon St., Findlay.

Nancy Cramer Revocable Trust, Dennis and Nancy Cramer to Bengage Properties Ltd., 727 Washington St., Findlay, $95,000.

Shawn and Pauline Felkner to Courtney and Maranda Rhodes, 1202 S. Blanchard St., Findlay, $112,500.

Michael Saum to Winnetta Saum, 8074 Hancock County 203, North Baltimore.

Linda and Tim Carles to Randy Cunningham, 22.2 acres, Cass Township 236, Van Buren, $132,000.

Gregory and Emily Cornish to Nathan and Kailee Weiker, 821 N. Hill Trail, Findlay, $161,000.

YRI Properties, Andrew Yates to James Jackson, 817 Putnam St., Findlay, $110,000.

Findlay City School District to Daniel Thomas, bishop of Diocese of Toledo, 701 Adams St., Findlay.

Robert and Charlotte Crismyre to Chase and Rebecca Scarbrough, 3457 Chagrin Valley, Findlay, $439,000.

Franklin American Mortgage Co. to Nelson Summit, 610 Westhaven Drive, Fostoria, $45,250.

Joseph and Christine Steiner to FC Frazer LLC, 314 Frazer St., Findlay, $135,000.

Van Buren Land Co. to Van Buren RE 19 LLC, 11681 Ohio 613, Van Buren, $385,714.

Dan Schafer, Jo Ann Miller Trust to Dan Schafer Farm LLC, 81.3 acres, Portage Township 136, McComb.

Roger and Nancy Best to Kay Lay, Unit 4, Hummingbird Way, Findlay, $201,500.

Nancy Cramer, Nancy Cramer Revocable Trust to Dewayne Roseboom, 632 W. Hardin St., Findlay, $50,000.

Albert Sullivan to Beth Kohli, 159 Bolt St., Rawson.

Brian and Kelli Miller to Michael and Melissa Houck, 112 W. Main St., Vanlue, $78,000.

Wendene Shoupe to Robert and Randi Stolick, 233 W. Sandusky St., Findlay, $98,000.

Beverly and Thomas Long to Gregory and Laurie Ragan, 2011 Woods Drive, Findlay, $275,000.

Vicki Norton, Timothy Beard to Ashley Melendez, 112 S. Main St., Van Buren.

April Harris to Peter and Rachel Kidwell, 120 E. Eagle St., Findlay, $139,000.

200 Highland Drive LLC, James and Elizabeth Darnall to Blanchard Valley Health System, 200 Highland Drive, Findlay, $155,000.

Richard and Brenda Binner to Richard Orr, Kristan Jensen, Richard Orr and Kristan Jensen Revocable Trust, Lot 286, Forest Edge Drive, Findlay, $391,000.

Camelot Home Builders, Thomas Young, Bradley Miller to Ronald and Doris Niekamp, Lot 305, Plumwood Drive, Findlay, $48,000.

Adam and Amy Mock to Erin Alava, 5904 Cass Township 243, Findlay, $203,000.

Dwayne and Patricia Bauman, Dwayne and Patricia Bauman Revocable Trust to David Kutschbach, 15370 Ohio 235, Mount Cory, $65,000.

Ray Bennett, Ray Bennett Revocable Trust to Alex Jones, 42.4 acres, Ohio 235, Bluffton, $190,935.

American Servicing Corp. to Michael Vassalle, 1122 Washington Township 243, Fostoria, $259,000.

Chong Anderson to Wayne Anderson and Christine Nalle, 720 Scott Court, Findlay.

Scott Eiting to Brent and Brittany Conner, 2920 Gleneagle Drive, Findlay, $192,00.

Findustrial I LLC to Millstream Area Credit Union, Lots 3 and 4, Fostoria Avenue, Findlay, $300,000.

Fire Calls

From the public records of the Findlay Fire Department:


5:17 a.m., 1020 Interstate Court, alarm malfunction.

10:11 a.m., 922 Fox St., emergency medical service call.

1:58 p.m., 2453 Grace Blvd., emergency medical service call.