46.4 F
Thursday, April 9, 2020

Weather forecast map based on the NOAA Weather Prediction Center

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  • At 6 feet: MINOR FLOOD STAGE



  • At 8 feet: ACTION STAGE
  • At 9 feet: MINOR FLOOD STAGE — Eagle Creek will overrun its banks and begin to inundate portions of Fremont and Graceland Avenue. Water will inudate a field near Rosemont Drive.
  • At 10 feet: MODERATE FLOOD STAGE — Water from the Eagle Creek will affect portions of South Blanchard Street, Brookside Drive, Fremont and Graceland avenues. The intersections of Beechmont Drive with Fairmont and Rosemont Drives flood.
  • At 11 feet: MAJOR FLOOD STAGE — Flooding will threaten residences along Fremont and Graceland avenues, East Lincoln Street, and Brookside Drive. Other roads affected include East High Street, Wilson Street, Blanchard Avenue near Graceland Avenue, Rosemont Drive and Beechmont Drive to Main Street, and Eastview north of 6th Street.
  • At 12 feet: Evacuations may be necessary along Fremont and Graceland Avenue. Homes along east Lincoln, South Blanchard, and East Sandusky Street will be inundated. The Brookside Drive berm will be threatened.
  • At 13 feet: Major flooding along Eagle Creek. Several road closures and evacuations are likely. Pumping station on Brookside Drive berm threatened.
  • At 15 feet: Major flooding in Findlay. Most roads along Eagle Creek will be closed with several homes inundated. Evacuations likely. U.S. 68 will be threatened. Spring Lake housing development inundated.
  • At 17 feet: Significant flooding. Ohio 15 will be threatened. U.S. 68 inundated and most roads along Eagle Creek. Widespread evacuations necessary.


  • At 8 feet: ACTION STAGE — Water covers low lying portions of South River Road and Howard Street on the west side of Findlay.
  • At 9 feet: Flooding occurs on low lying roads along the river west of Findlay, including Hancock County 140.
  • At 10 feet: Water reaches East Main Cross Street near Lye Creek.
  • At 11 feet: MINOR FLOOD STAGE — Flooding affects areas near Riverside Park and East Main Cross Street in the city of Findlay.
  • At 12 feet: MODERATE FLOOD STAGE — Water affects River Street and Apple Alley on the west side of Findlay; Blanchard Street between Sandusky and Main Cross streets; and several streets south of Clinton Court near Riverside Park.
  • At 13 feet: Floodwaters affect East Sandusky Street, Main Cross Street, Blanchard Road, Clinton Court, and many other streets near the Blanchard River. Backwaters will affect residents living along Eagle and Lye Creeks.
  • At 13.5 feet: MAJOR FLOOD STAGE — Floodwaters block Martin Luther King Parkway and Blanchard Avenue. Several other low lying roads flooded along the river. Travel in and out of the city becomes difficult.
  • At 14 feet: Major flooding; as much as half the town inundated with flood waters. Several homes and businesses impacted.
  • At 14.5 feet: Major flooding; the city is split in half by flood waters inhibiting travel in and out of the city.
  • At 15 feet: Several businesses affected downtown, with many roads near the river closed. Hancock County 236 to Ohio 568 inundated. The following streets are likely to be flooded, Main Cross Street from Western Avenue to Marion Township 180, Broad Street, streets along Eagle Creek from Central to Rockside and streets along Lye Creek from Wedgewood to Strong avenues.
  • At 16 feet: River reaches FEMA 1 percent flood level. Widespread evacuations needed in the city of Findlay. Roads affected include U.S. 68 on the south side.
  • At 17 feet: River reaches FEMA 0.2 percent flood level; major flooding in Findlay.
  • At 17.5 feet: Major flooding will occur in downtown Findlay. Flooding can be expected from Westerfield Drive to Hancock County 236 along the Blanchard River. Flooding can also be expected along Eagle and Lye Creeks between Ohio 15 and the Blanchard River. About three-quarters of the city inundated.
  • At 18.5 feet: High water mark of the 1913 and 2007 floods (current all-time record levels)
  • At 19.5 feet: Record flooding; flood waters top the gauge well house at Hancock County 140 bridge.