Mount Blanchard 5th Quarter for Adults

    September 7, 2018 @ 9:00 pm
    Gazebo in Hurricane Park
    Hurricane Park
    Mt Blanchard, OH 45867

    The Mount Blanchard Heart & Soul program will host a “5th Quarter for Adults” discussion after Riverdale football games, starting Friday, at the gazebo in Hurricane Park.

    Pizza and beverages will be provided.

    During over 200 interviews with area residents, five themes were identified as what matters most in Mount Blanchard. They are: Activities, business, parks and pool, small town living, and schools.

    At the 5th Quarter meetings, a different topic will be discussed each week. Schools will be the topic this Friday.

    The Heart & Soul group is looking for action items that can be done in the community to enhance values.

    Future topics will be:

    • Sept. 21: Activities, small town living.
    • Sept. 28: Business.
    • Oct. 12: Parks and pool.

    The discussions will be led by a team member of Heart and Soul.