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Tuesday, February 19, 2019

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Courier Life Page.@ufindlay pharmacy student Lindsay Hall signs a note of thanks to Bradley Shinn, a professor of pharmacy practice who died last weekend. Shinn, 63, had been a part of UF’s College of Pharmacy since its inception in 2007. (Photo credit = Randy Roberts)7 hours ago 1 4
Courier Life PageCreating the short film "Poor Baby" involved staging a "robbery" at a Findlay bank, with cooperation from local police and sheriff's deputies. That film is destined for a contest in Cincinnati this spring. https://t.co/m8f59mTfWj10 hours ago 1 2
Courier Life PageRT @FindlayCourier: The sailor in this iconic photo taken in Times Square at the end of World War II has died. George Mendonsa was 95. http…1 day ago 5 0
Courier Life PageCounterfeit money, specifically $10s and $20s, are circulating through Findlay, the police department says. Most of the bills have been passed at restaurants and convenience stores. https://t.co/RBbRYjj8Ip1 day ago 0 0
Courier Life PageThey delivered the papers, and then they were in them! @UFtheatre will present “Disney’s Newsies” this Friday, Saturday and Sunday at @MCPAFindlay.1 day ago 2 3

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