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Sunday, April 21, 2019

Join The Courier’s Sportswriters; Jamie Baker, Ted Radick, Dave Hanneman, and the rest of the gang, as they preview some of the high school football action coming up each week throughout the 2018 season!

Courier SportsCourier SportsRT @Athletics_PG: Both the High School Baseball and the High School Softball double headers scheduled for today with Leipsic have been canc…1 day ago
Courier SportsCourier SportsRT @AyersvilleAD: Today’s Diller Invitational and Pilot Baseball Invitational are both cancelled for today. Appreciate everyone’s work to t…1 day ago
Courier SportsCourier SportsOK Hardin Northern just postponed their invite for tomorrow as well. https://t.co/xbruqo2gnT2 days ago
Courier SportsCourier SportsRT @HNpolarbears: The HS track invite scheduled for Sat 4/20 has been cancelled. it may be run on Monday. Update will be sent once a decisi…2 days ago
Courier SportsCourier SportsUpdate on Saturday's prep schedule: @LPschools / @PGRocketsBase /softball PCL/BVC doubleheaders @HN_Athletics Invite track @AyersvilleAD Diller Invite track -- minus @cgschools @AyersvilleAD baseball tourney with @CHSAthleticDept and @WhoWeNation And that's it, as of now https://t.co/RGnOQ7iPXc2 days ago
Courier SportsCourier Sports@stafit82 I told @TJRadick I knew at least one coach who wouldn't do it. And it was you.2 days ago
Courier SportsCourier SportsRT @mhspolarbears: All Margaretta Softball and Baseball games scheduled for Saturday, April 20 against Old Fort have been cancelled. No mak…2 days ago
Courier SportsCourier SportsRT @cgschools: CG Sports: HS track will not be competing The HS track team will not be making the trip to Ayersville for the meet on Saturd…2 days ago
Courier SportsCourier SportsRT @CHSAthleticDept: As of now, the Diller Track Meet and Baseball tournament are on at Ayersville for tomorrow. Decision will be made on…2 days ago
Courier SportsCourier SportsI have to say, there isn't anything good that can come of competing on a day like tomorrow if you are a track and field athlete. With less than a month until conference meets, a tweaked hamstring could wreck the rest of the season.2 days ago

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