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Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Reineke Ford | News Updates

Join The Courier’s Sportswriters; Jamie Baker, Ted Radick, Dave Hanneman, and the rest of the gang, as they preview some of the high school football action coming up each week throughout the 2018 season!

Courier SportsCourier SportsRT @WhoWeNation: 73-63 @SE_Tigers224 take the old MAL Tiger clash. Good, hard played game. @SenecaCoSports @Courier_Sports @davey153 @TheAd8 hours ago
Courier SportsCourier SportsRT @WhoWeNation: Third time is the charm! Boys bkball game tonight vs @SenecaEast is on, along with rescheduled wrestling senior night befo…17 hours ago
Courier SportsCourier SportsMy favorite BVC wrestling photo from yesterday that won't see print. Wyatt Lucas from Arcadia and Caden Crawford from H-L at 126 pounds. https://t.co/qUZ72evxbs1 day ago
Courier SportsCourier SportsRT @matthews_show: Per Shawnee Schools board agenda for Tuesday evening. Athletic Director and long time area basketball coach Dick Heath w…1 day ago
Courier SportsCourier SportsRT @espnFindlay: Halftime. Columbus Grove leads Pandora-Gilboa 46-7. Grove’s freshman guard Kenzie King with game high 24 first half points…3 days ago
Courier SportsCourier SportsRT @RedmenRundown: Reminder JV starts at 12pm today with Varsity to follow. @Courier_Sports https://t.co/GGFX3XdV2n3 days ago
Courier SportsCourier SportsOne of the last remaining buildings downtown on the east side of N. Main Street north of the Blanchard River burned this morning. Story: https://t.co/0VU02e1GoX https://t.co/lL1HvVWLX23 days ago
Courier SportsCourier SportsRT @FloWrestling: On this day 34 years ago, Louden Swain shocked the wrestling world. https://t.co/RQPYiulhDI4 days ago
Courier SportsCourier SportsRT @cbjjtaylor: Deputy Sheets is ready to fight for the Falcons...are YOU? https://t.co/6qdlb6DtxK4 days ago
Courier SportsCourier SportsRT @nwofca: 2019 NWOFCA Major Clinic: Friday, Feb. 22–Holiday Inn French Quarter, Perrysburg. See our Website: https://t.co/MWrmQdSSl5 for…4 days ago

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